Robotic Surgery

A conventional OPEN THYROIDECTOMY is performed through a curved incision measuring 5 - 8 cm in the lower central neck. It is one of the safest operations performed today. The lower neck incision heals well, as an inconspicuous skin crease within three to six months in most patients. Despite knowledge of this, patients, many of whom are young and middle aged women, remain understandably concerned about the eventual appearance of the neck scar.

What is Robotic Thyroidectomy?

A ROBOTIC THYROIDECTOMY is an innovative procedure that allows for the removal of the thyroid nodule without any neck or visible incision.

The incision is placed instead in the under arm, through which the thyroid nodule can be safely and completely removed. This incision is not visible with the arm in the natural position, and there is no neck incision at all. Robotic thyroid surgery can be performed for both benign and cancerous thyroid nodules, and is particularly beneficial for patients predisposed to prominent or unsightly scars called keloids.

In May 2010, Dr Ranjiv performed the FIRST ROBOTIC THYROIDECTOMY in Singapore, and in July 2011, the FIRST ROBOTIC NECK DISSECTION in Southeast Asia.

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